DJ Hed & Blu Division Presents Glasses Malone – We On

01. (00:03:22) G.Malone, Tiny Beef, Tiny Doo, DJ Hed – We On
02. (00:03:57) G.Malone, Boobie Soprano, Stage, K-Boy, DJ Hed – Girls Everywhere
03. (00:03:55) AJ, Stage, Quiz, DJ Hed – So Fly
04. (00:04:03) Boobie Soprano, Tiny Beef, Tiny Doo, DJ Hed – Fuck A Bitch
05. (00:04:17) G.Malone – Turnt Up
06. (00:02:13) K-Boy, Boobie Soprano, DJ Hed – Patron
07. (00:03:23) Tiny Beef, DJ Hed – D Gang
08. (00:02:59) Stage, G. Malone, Boobie Soprano, DJ Hed – FLY
09. (00:03:20) Boobie Soprano, DJ Hed – High Definition
10. (00:03:11) G.Malone, Snoop Dogg, DJ Hed – East Sidin’ (Crip Gang)
11. (00:03:47) Quiz, Conflict, DJ Hed – Pocket Change
12. (00:04:48) Da Beast, G.Malone, DJ Hed – Top Laid Back
13. (00:03:36) Alkatraz, Quiz, Stage, DJ Hed – They Mad
14. (00:02:59) J-Lie, K-Boy, DJ Hed – Ask The Streets
15. (00:04:02) Quiz, Conflict, K-Boy, DJ Hed – We Aint Goin Nowhere

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Ill Move Sporadic (I.M.S) & Joey Menza ‘Alpha Coda’ OUT NOW!!!

Ill Move Sporadic (I.M.S) & Joey Menza ‘Alpha Coda’

01 – Alpha Intro
02 – Mercury
03 – Barcoded
04 – End To End Burners
05 – Wire Taps
06 – Dream Time
07 – Wild Things
08 – Style Gonzo
09 – Bar Crushers Feat. Tenchoo
10 – Battle Axes
11 – Anger Management Feat. Ulysses 31
12 – Superstar
13 – Dump Feat C Sparks & Gus Pony (Bonus Track)
14 – Coda Outro

Do you like good quality UK Hip-Hop with bags of organic goodness and delivered with tight lyrical bars and outstandingly top notch production? Then ‘Alpha Coda’ is one album that you seriously need to check out! This album includes the head-snapping track ‘Battle Axes’ which has already featured on UK Runnings ‘UK Rap Chronicles’ release for iTunes, as well as ‘Anger Management’ being used on the DC Shoes Big Push DVD (Nov Issue of Sidewalk Magazine). Also included on this long-player is the killer cut ‘Bar Crushers’ which features Don’t Flop/Battle Scars Winner -Techno.

With Ill Move Sporadic’s reputation as producers firmly in place, following last years release ‘The Magnetic Mixtape’ and Joey Menza carving out his reputation as one of the scenes brightest, most original MCs, Starch Music Records are now set to unleash I.M.S’s strongest piece of work yet to date. A fourteen track, hard hitting, no holds barred reaction to life in London, conforming to nothing and no one. Matching together Joey Menza’s incredible mind altering lyrics with I.M.S’s raw, unique and twisted analogue beats.

‘Alpha Coda’ was recorded over the course of 2010 at I.M.S Friendly Studios in Deptford. Through a considered process of crafting beats and an unbroken creative correspondence with then localised MC Menza, rough demos soon turned into locked bars and finished tracks. This constant trade off of inspiration, ideas and experience between MC Menza and producers Neil Cage & Ben81 has resulted in a jostling at times, haunting and always severingly thoughtful master work.

Joey had this to say about his contribution

‘I really wanted to match the style of I.M.S, with the stripped down, raw sound and texture of their beats, so I redesigned my flowing style to a degree, brought it back to the root, but kept the delivery hard too. In terms of the subject matter, there is a broad range of topics. Paranoia, hallucinations, drugs, conspiracy, the future, the present, history, myth, dystopian visions, politics, realism, hip hop culture, battle rap and a ton of other things too. I didn’t want to make a record where I just did a whole bunch of rhymes bragging about how great I am or whatever. I was walking a fine line between abstract and direct style. I didn’t want it to be too biased and obvious most of the time, cos ramming my opinions down peoples throats don’t appeal to me. I want people to think for themselves, and come to their own conclusions, understand?’

This album is a timeless piece that doesn’t compromise itself in any way; it is pure, independent hip-hop that is also a relevant commentary on-and reflection of-the world we live in today.

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Tel: Ben 07506369794

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Lil Boosie – Mr. Baton Rouge

01.Everybody Loves Mr. Baton Rouge
02.Mr. Baton Rouge Speaks [Prod by Mi5led]
03.We Do Our Thug Thang ft C Stylz
04.Stand Down ft Tank
05.Love Ya Hood
06.Ballin and Shinin ft Heezy
07.I’m Bad [Snippet]
08.Imma Boot Boy [Snippet]
09.90’s Gangsta Muzik
10.Mouthpiece ft Q6
11.You Don’t Wana ft B.G.
12.My Niggaz #FreeBoosie- Lil Jazz of Bad Azz Ent
13.What It Do
14.Stay Down ft B.G. , Razah
15.Take You Home ft Young Gangsta Bone [Prod by DJ Bio Hazard]
16.The Rule ft Lil Domicci
17.Mr. Baton Rouge Dedication- Webbie
18.Ball First ft Street Entertainment

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In Your Mind (I.Y.M) No1 Londonboys ‘Listed People’

‘Listed People’ is the brand new debut album from UK Rap’s In Your Mind (I.Y.M) No1 Londonboys, consisting of crew members Sosa (CEO/manager), Pliaz (Rapper/Producer), Ratty (Rapper), LG (Rapper), Dreamer (Rapper) and JR6 (singer). The album features guest artist Cobane from The Colony and OEM Records as well as production from guest producers Richie Fargas aka Richie Rich and Dil from Bootylicious. With members from South London as well as East London, this is music that the capitol city should be proud of. IYM is the brainchild of Sosa, who was looking for like-minded MC’s & producers who shared the same enthusiasm and dedication to making something out of nothing…