40DUBst – Welcome To Dartford

For those of you in the know you might have already seen 40DUBst’s amazing debut video ‘Welcome To Dartford’. It has already been aired on the UK’s leading urban TV Station Channel AKA as well as getting a major thumbs up from Grime Daily and other leading tastemakers.

We live in a world where people follow fashion. It’s true… something works and everybody jumps on it, but not 40DUBst. These Dartford lads are doing it a little bit different and with bags of originality and uniqueness. There is no doubting that this three man act is destined for absolutely massive things.

The video for the 40DUBst debut single ‘Welcome To Dartford’ was shot on location in where? Yes folks you’ve guessed it… Dartford, well mainly Temple Hill Square to be exact, which is where 40DUBst originate from. The video was shot, directed and edited by top music video producer ‘Chas Appeti’, who brought the boy’s personalities out in this Jeremy Kyle style video.

There’s so much more to come from 40DUBst so be on the lookout for more quality music and promotional videos real soon!!!

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40DUBst – Welcome To Dartford (Music Video)

Stealf Presents Jackitdown Brown ‘Beats & Rhymes Vol.1’

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Configa “Calm Before The Storm Mixtape”

After getting into Hip-Hop around 1988, UK based Configa first saw his future in radio presenting his own show on a local unlicensed station, but ultimately the draw of the microphone proved too much and by the age of 16 he started writing rhymes under the pseudonym ‘M.C. Unique’. After releasing various mixtapes on the underground as well as getting involved in local freestyle battles ‘Unique’ decided to build upon his buzz and release his debut album ‘Baptizm Of Fire’ in 2000. Aside from mic duties, the album was also self-produced/mixed/manufactured and financed by himself and the album featured a collaboration with B. Down the CEO of LA based ‘Rap Junkie Records’ who then signed ‘Unique’ to his label in 2001. ‘M.C. Unique’ went on to feature on two releases on the LA label, ‘Independent Game 1’ (2001) and ‘Independent Game 2’ (2002) and then released his second album, ‘The King Of Linguistics’ in 2002. The album was mainly self produced and gained favourable reviews and including a mention on MTV.com alongside the ‘8 Mile’ Soundtrack and Christina Aguilera upon its release date and was distributed in Europe and all across North America.

In 2003 ‘M.C Unique’ decided to take a back seat on mic duties and rebranded himself ‘Configa’ a new vibe where focused almost exclusively on production work . In 2004, Configa formed, along with Wargasms, Arsenal and C-Gully, the crew ‘Slept On Fam’ and went on to release the album ‘Audio Crack’ was released late 2006. The album received excellent reviews such as “What makes Configa so good?” Rapreviews.com, “Configa serves up the production crack for those audio canals” UKHH.com and Blues & Soul mentioning “Configa’s stirring production”. Slept On Fam then went on to win ‘Group of The Year’ in 2007 at the second annual ‘Get ‘Em Magazine’ music awards in Florida hosted by the legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr, beating such luminaries as recent Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia. After a lengthy music hiatus where Configa had a weekly on-line radio show while getting his PhD on a thesis about hip hop and ethnicity, Configa released a 2Pac remix album entitled “Configa Presents…Pac To The Essence Vol. 1” in 2010 to mark the 14th year of 2Pac’s passing.

Configa then set up his own independent record label Configaration Records and began work on his solo album entitled “Inside The Echo Chamber” which will be entirely produced by Configa alongside a host of different MC’s guesting on the tracks. Notable confirmed guests so far include stateside legends Craig G, Chino XL, Nine and Kurtis Blow along with UK legend Scorzayzee and the album is due for release early 2012. In the meantime we have this brand new mixtape ‘Calm Before The Storm’ to keep us going! This is a twenty track collection of the underground’s finest MC’s spittin’ flamez over his boom-bap driven beats. There are artists from both the UK and the USA on here and the music speaks for itself and all of the beats are original Configa compositions. This release stands alone by itself, with its strength and depth and is the perfect prelude to the album “Inside The Echo Chamber”. Configa is about rhythmic “Golden Era Real Hip-Hop” with that unique head nodding instrumentation.

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01. Calm Before The Storm Intro (ft. T.D. Francis)
02. Freestyle 1 (ft. B. Down)
03. Revolution (ft. Slept On Fam)
04. Come Over To My Place (ft. Grey Matter)*
05. I Want You (ft. John Graham)
06. Like That (ft. Tone Liv, Respect (Tha God) and Godilla)
07. Lie To Kick It (ft. Big Meridox)
08. The One (ft. Gramma Marksman)
09. Same Bullshit (ft. Nut Kaze)
10. We On Fire (ft. Jaz Kahina)
11. Suicide Kingdom (feat. Bishop and Sicarii)
12. Freestyle 2 (ft. Dom Zilla)
13. There Goes The Sunshine (ft. Corporal Asskick and Rockaway Jah)
14. Watch the Throne (ft. Jesal)
15. Freestyle 3 (ft. Cheeba)
16. Thousands To Calm Me (ft. T. D. Francis)
17. Back 2 Basics (ft. John Graham)
18. For The Love (ft. Mark Deez and Arsenal)
19. Rose On Ya Grave (ft. Sicarii)
20. Make It (ft. Fatale)

All tracks Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Configa for Configaration Productions*
*except for track 4: Co-Produced with Grey Matter

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There is also a FREE download 17 minute DJ mix by Frank Costa available here:

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Gianni – “Dirty Diana” HIT!

The 18 year old singer, songwriter & rapper has managed to transform a classic MICHEAL Jackson hit into a new youthful dance record. The song has a beautiful summer dance vibe too it, perfect for the last few days of summer or for a very exciting winter season of partying! The song that samples the lines from the MICHEAL Jackson classic was originally picked as the artist has always taken a liking to the princess and the royal family. He feels everyone should enjoy the record just as MICHEAL and Diana enjoyed each others company!

Gianni is from a middle class family residing mainly in the North west London area. He was schooled at the private school that is “John Lyon ” in harrow and now attends “Woodhouse College” in Finchley studying Law , Theatre and Economics. Gianni fell in love with music after purchasing a cheap microphone from the high street brand that is Maplins. He then began recording bits and pieces and going to friends home studio set ups and eventually recorded his first mixtape. He then began doing little party sets and some club sets in his local areas and distributing mixtapes around but he hadn’t really taken as a artist. So he took a break for a while to do GCSE’s and other activities. But it was during this break he cut a deal with Superhuman ENT and some American producers (credits include Soulja Boy , Tyga , Gucci Mane, Chris Brown , Roscoe Dash) to give them the new exciting sound he now has. 2011 has taken off by storm for him, with over 30 shows played this year and most of his first album “Get signed or Sign on” recorded he is ready to give the world and starting with the UK a sample of what is yet to follow.



Artist Facebook : www.Facebook.com/gianniartist
Fan page on Facebook : www.Facebook.com/gianniofficial

West – Life In London

For those of you may not have heard about this talented urban songwriter and performer, let us take this opportunity to tell you about the man they call West. After getting into music at a very early age, West started performing by the age of five winning talent competitions and being picked for star roles in his school plays. As he naturally matured he began to decipher what styles of music he liked getting into various urban music sounds such as R’n’B, Hip-Hop & Jungle. It was this influx of inspiration that led to West picking up the pen, writing rap verses and sung hooks. Before long West on to record a mixtapes worth of material of himself recorded on well known beats which led to him being asked to perform at open mic nights and get his name out locally.

In 2003 West auditioned for a singer/songwriting competition in Reading where me met the keyboard player who played on D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ album. He started working with him and wrote his first commercial song ‘Take My Life’. He came second in the competition and went on to perform the song in various UK clubs including London’s ‘Popshow Party’ in Soho supporting a girl group called ‘Clea’. After this triumph, he worked with a few local producers and learnt how to play a few chords on the guitar and taught himself how to use programs such as Cubase & Reason. West then entered the BBC’s talent show ‘Pop Idol’ getting through to the second round before entering the X-Factor to be told by Louis Walsh he ‘should and could be a star’.

Since then it’s been non-stop for West as he joined local reggae band Mighty Upfront as a singer and gained valuable experience playing live, as well as having a massive local following. Now teamed up with brand new record label and management company Fam Records, as well as enlisting the production skills of ‘David The Producer’, West is set for big things. There is no doubting that West has the raw talent, the vision and the skills to make a real impact and the fact that his material is refreshingly uplifting and positive, makes this artist a man to watch.

Here is West’s first single to be promoted nationally and internationally, and it’s a song that was actually recorded back in 2007. The song talks on issues regarding England’s capitol city London and with the recent events such as looting and rioting it only seems apt to share it with the world. We’d like to make it clear that neither West or Fam Records condone violence, looting or rioting in any way. There is a lot more to come from West and Fam Records so be make sure you remember the name…

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