Rediculus Feat. Aarophat “Chainsaw Chatter” New Single @Rediculus @Aarophat @KGB_Productions @ParkStreetPR

Knowledge Giving Birth Productions is proud to release the first collaborative effort from Chicago producer Rediculus and West Coast MC Aarophat. With a thumping drum line and wailing guitars, this song is set to start the summer off right!

Rediculus Feat. Aarophat ‘Chainsaw Chatter’ Bandcamp Link:

They say Hip Hop is something you live, not something you do. Rediculus, born Todd Dahn, is the perfect example of that saying. Born in the early ‘70s, he has lived with hip-hop in his blood his whole life. Through his talent he now brings it to life in his tracks, which are steadily building up steam and popularity and the rebirth of “real hip-hop”.

2013 has started off with a bang, seeing Rediculus release two smash singles; ‘Off the Turnbuckles’ feat J57, Venoumous2000, Fdot1 and El Gant and ‘Lets Go’ feat. FDot1 and put out his first of many instrumental projects, Dirty Concrete, presented by There’s also a few singles with Red Pill on the horizon, and projects with Nutso, Ruste Juxx, Verbal Kent, The Day Laborers, Bug Dutty Deeze, Pat Starr, Rich Malone and more instrumental projects.

Regardless of who he’s making the beats for, it’s not hard to say you’ll be hearing a lot of music from Rediculus this year and in 2013. For production inquires please email

Follow on Twitter @Rediculus @KGB_Productions.

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