S. Kalibre ‘SK Ultra’ #Album #Videos @S_Kalibre @ParkStreetPR

Here is the brand new album from UK rapper S. Kalibre, a South East based rapper that has been making noise on the underground for over a decade. With deejay cuts from DJ Pressure and beats courtesy of Gee-O, Dead Man Walkn, Soul Theory, Sofa King London, Slap Up Mill, Rediculus and Architech, S. Kalibre vocally walks this one alone with no guest appearances. This is one seriously heavyweight slice of UK Hip-Hop that discerning fan of the genre will admire and adore. Let us introduce you to the intoxicating sounds of ‘SK Ultra’, a future underground classic.

As a youth S. Kalibre heard the work of artists such as Ice T, N.W.A, Public Enemy, B.D.P back in 1988 he has hooked into rap music. Born in Chatham, Kent this UK lyricist has always had a strong passion for music writing his first rap at the age of eleven. In 1999 he met producer Mike S (now known as Slap Up Mill), and created a crew called UTI aka Under The Influence but for numerous reasons the albums never surfaced. It was at this point Mike S & S.Kalibre formed the two man team called Hard Livin and were picked up by record label called Sin Nombre and landed a distribution deal with Universal Records with their video to ‘Oh Girl’ getting played on MTV and establishing him as one a true underground legend in the centuries early wave of UK Hip-Hop.

Since then S. Kalibre has continuously released music and videos and has remained cohesive, continuing to build upon his reputation as a hard hitting spitter who actually has something to say. This accomplished UK artist who has featured on tracks alongside UK artists such as Blade, Skinnyman, Logic, Genesis Elijah, Kashmere, Manage, Big Cakes, Stig Of The Dump and more as well as US legends such as Q Unique and Mykill Miers. He’s also shared stages with the likes of De La Soul, Phi Life Cypher, Jehst and more and is currently working on a brand new material as well as a mixtape that will be released throughUK mixtape giants UK Runnings. There’s no stopping this talented, experienced and committed Rhymesmith, S. Kalibre is on a roll.

‘SK Ultra is one seriously dope hip-hop audio journey’ DaRealBiz.com
‘If you like Hip-Hop you will not be disappointed’ HipHopSavedUs.com
‘Something that Hip-Hop fans are going to go mad for’ TheHipHopMafia.com

S. Kalibre ‘SK Ultra’ Track-listing:

01 – Medical Notes (Produced by Gee-O)
02 – Seeing Red (Produced by Dead Man Walkn)
03 – Murderous Tendencies (Produced by Soul Theory)
04 – One Mic (Produced by Sofa King London)
05 – Lunge Slice Death (Produced by Slap Up Mill)
06 – Distorted (Produced by Rediculus)
07 – Induced Rage (Produced by Soul Theory)
08 – Swam Gass Feat. DJ Pressure (Produced by Slap Up Mill)
09 – Truth Drug (Produced by Architech)
10 – R.I.P (Produced by Slap Up Mill)

S. Kalibre ‘SK Ultra’ is available digitally from the following links:

Connect with S. Kalibre

S.Kalibre – Truth Drug (Produced by Architech)

S.Kalibre – One Mic (Produced by Sofa King London)

S.Kalibre – R.I.P. (Produced by Slapupmill)

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