Ensite – I Wanna Be Free #Video @Ensite123 @ParkStreetPR

Ensite Picture

Hailing from North London the UK, Ensite are trio ready to take things into their own hands as they independently drop the first track from their forthcoming debut album. Ensite cleverly inject soul into a style that draws inspiration from various genres such as Rock, Pop, Rap, R&B, Reggae, Dance and other urban styles. There really isn’t anyone quite like Ensite, the sound of the future inspired by life with a sound that is classic but still very relevant.

Their debut single is a self produced monster entitled “I Wanna Be Free” which sees Nina, Ruedie and Wolou a.k.a Ensite tackle a serious subject. With a superb music video that includes some acting in the story line, you really get a feel for this talented act. Singing, rapping, and producing, all bases are covered and with a diverse sound you never know what to expect next, but there is always that under-lining vibration that instantly tells you its Ensite!

When asked about Ensite this is what they had to say…

Nina: ‘Ensite is our baby something that we eat and sleep, so we have to get it right, I just want everyone to enjoy listening to our album as we enjoyed making it, we wanna bring it.’

Ruedie: ‘I’ve been doing this for a while now and this is the first time that I have publicly put myself in the frontline as a producer and MC, and I feel like this is something that we are proud to own and make everyone else listen to and enjoy.’

Wolou: ‘Being a producer allows you to make music, some good and some bad. I can seriously say this is 100% excellent. I am proud of this group and I hope we can make you all be proud of us when you hear our first album Private Party.’

Also log on and log in to the MTV website to VOTE for Ensite for the 2014 Unsigned Act Award

Connect with Ensite:

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