Night Movements – Dark Army #Video / The 8th Circle #EP @NightMovements @Exa_NMS @OfficialWiseOne @HyksosNMS @KamsNMS @ParkStreetPR

Night Movements – Dark Army #Video

Night Movements – The 8th Circle #EP (Tracklist):

1. Hydrazine (Produced by Rem Vincere)
2. Tangent Universe (Produced by Exa)
3. Get Burnt (Produced by Exa)
4. Dark Army (Produced by Exa)

Download link:

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Don’t forget to catch Night Movements performing live…

November 23rd @ Beats & Bars, Wolverhampton
November 29th @ Camouflage, Birmingham
December 26th @ Highgrade, Birmingham

Connect with Night Movements:

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