Juttla annunces that his next release will be the ‘Spiritual Coma EP’

Juttla’s next release is going to be a four track EP that is a compilation of the four tracks that he performed live with his band for the Eastern Electronica Festival last year. There’s a great diverse selection of tracks, including the superb ‘Mahi’ track (featured above) which features the sultry vocals of Nona who also features on another track called ‘Mother Earth’ too.

We only got to hear a few snippets, but trust us this digital EP will definitely impress. With such a diverse selection of tracks all on one EP this has to be one Juttla’s best releases to date. The production is outstanding, the songs are well written and the whole vibe here is totally unique. Massive thumbs up to Juttla for this one, every track is a killer!!!

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Juttla & full band live in Birmingham 05.03.2011

Juttla plays live with full band including High Rolla on drums, Raks on percussion, rapper/emcee Deeze and Nona on vocals, as well as guest performance by dancer Nanoo. This footage was recorded at the closing party of the 2011 Eastern Electronic Festival which has held at The Hockley in Birmingham on Saturday 5th March 2011. The three tracks performed here where written and produced by Juttla and where commissioned especially for the event.

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Eastern Electronic Festival Closing Party, Birmingham 05/03/11

For those of you that are not aware of the Eastern Electronic Festival, it’s a five day event celebrating the progression of Asian music, multimedia and art. The closing day party was something I attended as it promised to deliver a mixture of dubstep, rap, drum’n’bass and various other styles. So on Saturday March 5th 2011 I got myself down to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to the rather classy and stush surroundings of The Hockley Club & Bar on 120 Vyse Street. First up I must say I was rather impressed at the drink selection seeing all the top brand lagers on sale as well as Grey Goose, Hennessey, Alizae and Hypnotiq all on sale too! The venue for this closing party was definitely the perfect choice and is now one of my favourite Midland’s venues! Hahaha!! It’s also worth mentioning that I found all the staff and the all the security very friendly and was made to feel very welcome.

As the night kicked off to some upfront sounds mixed brilliantly by the resident DJ’s, the mood for the night was set and at 11pm the live shows began with a selection of talented artists on offer. This for me was an eye-opener to the how much musical Asian talent there is living in the UK. The night offered a varied and diverse selection which looking back was probably the key to the night being as successful as it was. What was also interesting was that I learnt that all the live acts that played where commissioned to create fresh brand new tracks to perform meaning that even fans of the acts that they had turned up to see got to hear unreleased and unheard tracks.

Performing to a packed out venue where a great line up including Trav ‘Saxingh’ Panesar Saxophone player, who kicked the vibe off well playing along to selection of club classics (definitely a hit with the ladies), followed by the classic vocals of Rita Morar. Also on the night was Universal Taal Project who injected some nice funk into their performance with brilliant live bass, before Ministry Of Dhol set the place on fire with a display of live drumming on the Dhol’s. The last act of the night was producer Juttla who stepped up with three varied style tracks live tracks fusing the sounds of dubstep, breakz and drum’n’bass. Alongside the drumming skills of High Rolla and the Tabla & percussion skills of Sticky Fingers, Juttla collaborated well with three acts including singer Nona Kalra on vocals, dancer Nanoo and rapper/emcee Deeze. Juttla’s electrifying fifteen minute live set can only be described as explosive! He absolutely rocked the joint and helped to inject an atmosphere in a club that I haven’t felt for ages. The music throughout the whole night was just so fresh and so new but with old skool classical Asian elements. I also think that other reason this night worked so well for me was that the nights host ‘Manga’ from the legendary club night Shaanti really smashed it too! He informed the crowd well on valuable information on the acts as well as getting the crowd going and keeping the vibe definitely ‘electronic’!

So rounding the whole thing I think this is a real positive thing. I’m not really up on Asian music maybe like the next man is, but what I do know is that there is so much talent in the UK and it was great to see it all those cutting edge artists under one roof. It’s a great idea and one that was executed so well and the main vibe I got was that you didn’t have to be Asian to attend, there where people from all ages and all walks of life all there to party to some good quality live music and DJ’s. This for me will be a night that I remember for a long time. It was the bomb! I can’t wait for next year I’m ready to do it all over again!

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